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Every since the industries were set up and industrial revolution took place, the world saw a major change in its lifestyle. Family life was greatly disrupted as people opted to stop carrying on with the profession of their ancestors in favour of this newly formed job opportunity that promised them a better and prosperous future. Massive migration to the industrial areas was witnessed as more and more people began leaving their villages for cities and industrial zones.

  • Safety in Industries; the history
  • By the time industries had grown and replaced the other professions, a hue and cry was raised over the grave working conditions inside these industries. Workers complained of long hours and fewer wages, of dangerous work and very little protective equipment and of no compensation in case of an accident. At first these complaints went largely ignored. But soon unions were formed and more and more workers began protesting. This made the industry owners revise their safety policy and make the industries safer.

  • Hand protection; why awareness is necessary for workers
  • Workers in factories are exposed to various chemicals throughout the day. While some chemicals are not that harmful, some can be extremely detrimental to health. Proper protection is required when handling these chemicals. Acid is widely used in almost all kinds of industries. It then becomes the responsibility of the owner to provide proper gloves which can protect the workers using the acid. Similarly it has been seen that many people end up losing a limb in auto industrial accidents like tree lumbering. It is therefore very important for both workers and owners to be aware of the safety protocol before proceeding with the work.

  • Body protection; why should workers be careful
  • Different industries have different safety policies which should be followed by all workers at all times. The policies are made keeping in mind the demands of the work involved in the factories and the need to protect the workers from the dangers posed. It is very necessary for the workers to obey the security protocol for their own protection. If they fail to do so they are only endangering themselves and the lives of others around them.

  • Hand and body protectors; very important for industries
  • With innumerable advancement in technology, new fangled equipment and safety gear has been designed to protect workers from the dangers lurking inside the industries. Depending upon the line of work appropriate equipment should be provided to the workers, for example in the mining industry, helmets are very crucial to protect the head from any loose rocks which might fall and injure miners or in blast furnaces, protective suits highly resistant to heat should be worn by workers.

  • Different kinds of protective equipment
  • Since different industries exist for different products, they require contact with different materials and machines, most of which need extra care when handled. Therefore different kinds of equipment are now available in the market which should be used by industrial workers. These include masks, gloves proper body suits and jackets, boots, safety belts, ropes, nets etc.