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LVC Industries is a prominent provider of janitorial supplies for businesses in USA and Canada.

A healthy and productive workplace is not possible unless proper sanitary conditions are maintained. It is important to have quality janitorial supply to keep your office sparkling clean. Proper cleaning equipments are a daily necessity for workplace. These become even more indispensable after a gala office party or promotional event. LVC Industries offers a wide range of quality equipments for cleaning chores. Our cleaning and janitorial products include

•    Carpet cleaners
•    Stain removers
•    Disinfectants
•    Glass cleaners
•    Septic cleaning and maintenance
•    Pet odor control
•    Air fresheners
•    Bin liners
•    Car brake cleaners
•    Car polish and shampoo
•    Bathroom tissue
•    Paper towels and napkins
•    Brooms
•    Dustpans
•    Mops
•    Buckets
•    Trash cans
•    Sponges and wipes
•    Vacuums
•    Soap and hand cleaners

Our quality cleaning products are suitable for all the sanitary needs of your business. We are recognized as a competitive and reliable supplier of cleaning products for offices and large business establishments.