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LVC Industries is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of grinding machines across USA and Canada.
Our products have a long life and designed to work in extreme conditions. They are safe and integrated with high-quality coolants that keep the grinder temperature down and protect machinists from high heat injuries. The grinders are equipped with advanced technology and are up to customer satisfactions. Our range of grinding machines include

  • Bench grinding machines
  • Belt grinding machines
  • Pedestal grinding machines
  • Herb grinders
  • Surface grinding machines
  • Gear grinders

These industrial grinding machines meet all safety standards and have been tested over and over again by experts. These are created under strict quality control at our factories to make them perfect for industrial use.
Our grinders have a long life and great operating stability. These help you reduce production time and abrasive costs and also improve product quality.

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Providing various kind of vibrating separator. Feel free to Contact Us to get exact quote for your needs!