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LVC Industries is a prime manufacturer and distributor of safety equipments across Canada and USA.  These protective gears include safety shields for the head, face and body.

LVC Industries supplies a wide range of head and face protection equipments for industrial workers. Workers in the construction, chemical, manufacturing or mining industry often have to work in a risky environment and/or handle potentially harmful substances. This can expose the body to harmful and injurious substances. There are times when their safety is threatened and there are even chances of life risk. Unless proper safety equipments are used, physical safety can be a big issue. Safety equipments for head and face are vital for such workers.

The head protection gear includes crown shields for welders, furnace workers and construction workers. These safety helmets are built of strong material. These have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory to check their strength and ability to withstand harsh pressure. These equipments guard the head as well as the face from any kind of injuries. The face is covered from all sides. However, ventilation has not been compromised. Workers wearing full head gear and even furnace masks can work for long hours without any breathing discomfort. The protective face masks provide full safety against injurious substances, chemical splashes and even toxic flying particles.

LVC Industries also has wide range of safety gear that offers full body protection. All the equipments meet industrial safety standards and have been approved by authorities. Our hand protection gloves are designed to safeguard the hand from sharp objects, chemical infection, thermal burns and extremes of temperature. Our body protection gear includes body suits, goggles, masks and helmets apart from special gloves. These are ideal for welders, furnace workers and construction workers.

LVC Industries supplies a wide range of advanced safety system products like :-

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Dry chemical agents
  • Water leak detection devices
  • Gas leak detection devices
  • Fire Survival Cables
  • Fire buckets
  • Safety and electrical locks
  • Safety belts
  • Safety ear plugs

These safety equipments are available in various sizes and shapes. These have been carefully tested in the laboratory and are of the best quality. All the products meet the industry safety standards. The use of high quality materials and repeated testing has ensured that the equipments offer high performance and have maximum durability. All the products have been priced as per industry norms. Our wide array of safety products are utilized in all major industrial sectors. The construction sector, manufacturing sector, electrical sector and iron industry find these particularly useful. The quality and performance of our safety products have prompted many of our prestigious clients to place repeated orders.

We provide an extensive range of first aid products and equipments to industrial organizations. Our first aid kits are used in construction, steel and power plants. We offer industrial first aid boxes of all shapes and sizes containing basic medical items like :-

  • Bandages
  • Aspirins
  • Thermometers
  • Antiseptic Creams
  • Gauze Rolls
  • Scissors
  • Cotton
  • Medical adhesive tapes
  • Antiseptic petroleum jelly
  • Paracetamol

We also offer other medical emergency products like cold packs, blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders, plasters, syringes, defibrillators and CPR barrier devices. These are of the best quality and are available at industry prices.

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