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LVC Industries manufactures and supplies a wide range of chemical storage, handling and containment products in the USA and Canada.

Improper transferring equipments and unsafe handling often result in spillage of harmful chemicals. It leads to huge financial loss and in worst cases, loss of lives. But proper equipments can help avoid all such circumstances.  We supply a variety of systems that make storage, transfer or disposal of hazardous chemicals an easy affair. These products include

•    Pallets
•    Sumps
•    Racks
•    Safety containers
•    Gas Bottle containers
•    Gas cylinder containers
•    Drum handling containers
•    Spill Decking and Dispensing platforms
•    Chemical closet
•    Chemical storage containers
•    Temperature controlled chemical storage cabinets

These products are ideal for any business that requires proper chemical storage and handling. LVC Industries is serving an ever growing clientele with its products that are being seen as one of the best solutions for chemical containment.

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