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LVC Industries is a dedicated manufacturer and distributor of milling machines across USA and Canada.

Our commitment to the industry is exemplified by the quality of our products. All of our milling machines offer you the most advanced of technology. We supply knee-type, ram-type, bed type and planer-type milling equipments.  These are equipped with advanced coolant systems, electric drive motors and table feeds. This makes them safe to use and capable of running for extended periods.  These are perfectly suitable for use in food, construction and manufacturing industries.

We supply quality milling machines to our clients at affordable rates. Our products have been tested for their quality and safety by top industry experts. These are available to clients in a wide range of designs and sizes. All the products are long-lasting, economical and as per client requirements. We also stock a full range of ancillary products for our milling machines like collets, power feeds and coolant systems

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