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The service delivery for the LVC Industries Company is one of the fundamental aspects of the organization. It drives all the activities that happen within the organization. It is also responsible for the qualitative assessments that determine areas for improvement. Service delivery is nothing without standards. These are the minimum requirements that should satisfy the customer. Of course the organization is free to go beyond the minimum standards and therefore produce an exceptional service. If they go down this route then a competitive advantage will be produced.

Organizations that do not pay attention to their service delivery will necessarily die as they fail to attract the requisite number of customers that are supposed to keep them in business. There is recognition that service deliver might not always meet expectations but there are clear guidelines to ensure that this is the exception rather than the norm.

    Our Commitment to Quality Service

    One of the characteristics of the LVC Industries Company is the fact that it is one of the best brands in the industry. The quality of its service delivery is the key selling point that tends to grab the attention of other parts of the industry. It is one of the aspects of the business that ensures its continuity. There is no point in getting attached to various elements within the industry and then failing to meet the minimum service delivery standards. There are regular evaluations to ensure that the company is still meeting its noble objectives in the face of stiff challenges from the business environment. There is a stringent supplier selection process using bids in order to ensure that he final product that is delivered to the client has the qualities that will enhance the reputation of the company.

    In delivering services to the public there is a consultation process that enables the LVC Industries Company to identify the bespoke needs of that client. That will aid service delivery by allowing the commissioning agents to determine how the working relationship will develop. These are not superficial steps but fundamental aspects of the operations that run the business. At the commissioning level the various examples of available services will be detailed together with a risk assessment that might affect the project in both the long and short run. This will help in the identification of the obstacles that might prevent the organization from performing at optimum levels.

    Quality assurance in Service Delivery

    The LVC Industries Company ensures that its customers have a guarantee of quality given certain entry criteria items. These guarantees are the foundation for all contractual arrangements and they are the beginning of the various business relationships that sustain the company. The quality assurance program is born out of confidence in the ability of the company to meet the expectations of its customers. It is also born out of the experiences that other industries have had when they have not listened to the needs of the customers. In this model the LVC Industries Company has been able to identify the key ingredients to success.