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Head protection is very important for industrial workers employed in risky workplaces. Workers in manufacturing, mining or construction sectors often have to work in physically challenging environments. Head safety is very essential for such people.

LVC Industries is your source for quality head protection gear. Our head safety equipments include hard hats, helmets and crown shields that are a blend of fashion and function. These protective head equipments are affordable and are of excellent build. Their strength and resistance to pressure have been tested again and again by industrial safety experts. The products have been certified as being of top quality.

Our hard hats are appropriate for furnace workers, welders or construction workers. These are durable and can be used comfortably for long hours.

LVC Industries is a distributor of head protection gear across United States and Canada. Contact us now for product delivery or any enquiry related to our supplies.

Providing various kind of Hard Hats. Feel free to Contact Us to get exact quote for your needs!