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LVC Industries Environmental Policy

It is a well known fact that the environment is one of the core principles that underpin industries today. We can no longer afford to relegate environmental issues to the campaigners and special interest groups. This has to be something that is used by the majority of the population in order to ensure that there is parity in the development of policies that affect the earth.

Therefore the LVC Industries Environmental Policy attempts to address these issues from the corporate standpoint. This is a move away from avoidance which has been an accusation that has been thrown at the people that are working with the system. In fact this instance is a prime example of the things that are achievable within the context. The policy is meant to ensure that the commercial interests of the organization are tied to its environmental credentials.

Working to live in a safe environment

It is not good enough for an organization to just churn out the figures of its bottom line. They have to be prepared to walk the walk of environmental policies. The LVC Industries Environmental Policy is an indicator that the senior executives within the organization are determined to put this at the forefront of all their efforts. This formal statement has been very important in terms of ensuring that these issues are not treated as if they were an afterthought. They go to the heart of the operational effectiveness of the organization and are therefore part of the solution.

In due course there are developments which will be important for this sort of operation. This statement illustrates the principles that underpin all the operations that the company is undertaking. It also defines the relationships with other clients depending on their outlook to the entire system. The principles that underpin this policy include :-

  • Compliance : LVC Industries will ensure that it complies with all the best practice provisions that relate to customer care and the presentation of environmental policies. All the regulations that are set by the jurisdiction will be complied with both in terms of the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. Employees of the organization are trained to implement environmental policies that are relevant to their work. The issues of environmental protection are part of the corporate mission statements.
  • Rapid response : The LVC Industries Environmental Policy states that there will be a rapid response process for all concerns that relate to the environment. This means that there will be tools that are used to get to the bottom of any problems that might be affecting the environmental policy. On the other hand there is recognition that the policy will develop with time.
  • Comprehensive approach : All property and products of LVC Industries will be subject to the policy and all employees are encouraged to incorporate these principles in all areas of their work. This is part of the concerted effort to ensure that environmental issues are not relegated to the secondary tier of operations. Reviews are regularly conducted to ensure that there is continued compliance with the policy.