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  • Necessary Equipment For Your Face And Head
  • Every since the industries were set up and industrial revolution took place, the world saw a major change in its lifestyle. Family life was greatly disrupted as people opted to stop carrying on with the profession of their ancestors in favour of this newly formed job opportunity that promised them a better and prosperous future. Massive migration to the industrial areas was witnessed as more and more people began leaving their villages for cities and industrial zones.

  • Why you Need Protection For Head And Face In Industry
  • Today in the days of developing in industry, but also and in technology, you may find lots various equipments for safety of your workers in the buildings. Head and face protection are must in all areas in the industry. Before, when workers did not used too much protection, there were more injuries, but also and suffering. Every employer is obliged to protect his worker. In some company protection include only uniform, but some protection includes, solid hats, known as helmet, protected glasses, gloves and in some cases and shoes. Protection is necessary not only because that law describes, but also because and that is for your safety.

  • What Is OSHA and Is It Connected With Your Safety In Industry?
  • OSHA is the shortcuts of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is one of the most important acts that Congress affects on the worker health and safety. Act was signed in law by President Nixon in 1970. There are lots of rules, which should to be respect for worker safety from employer. Also, it is on the employers to secure necessary protection for the workers. Protection is necessary not only for worker’s head, eyes or hand, but also and for complete body. Also, it is on employer to decide is additional equipment is necessary. So, on the question: “Is OSHS connected with your safety”?, the answer is: “Yes”.

  • Where To Find Shields
  • There are various sites with shields for protection of your head and face. LVC industries is company that provides engineering and construction equipment. Here you may find lots of equipment for protection for your worker. When it is about face and head protection there are various colors of shields. So, here you may find next models: Smoke, Clear or Amber shields for protection of your face and same with that your eyes. The glasses are with various colors as it has been already mention. So, you may find amber color of glasses, smoke or clear color.

  • Hand and body protectors; very important for industries
  • With innumerable advancement in technology, new fangled equipment and safety gear has been designed to protect workers from the dangers lurking inside the industries. Depending upon the line of work appropriate equipment should be provided to the workers, for example in the mining industry, helmets are very crucial to protect the head from any loose rocks which might fall and injure miners or in blast furnaces, protective suits highly resistant to heat should be worn by workers.


  • Ordering of The Shields
  • You may order shields on the site of LVC Industries engineering and construction site. Here you may find all information about protection equipment, as well as contacting us for more information.