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Industrial sand is the basis of construction. Form Biblical tales to modern towers, the use of sand is essential especially if there are no other organic materials that can be used for the construction of buildings. The quality of the raw sand will be an important consideration but there are also elements of the product that need to be developed according to the specifications set on that criteria list.

Industrial sand is made of high purity silica which is then sized according to the needs of the construction project. LVC Industries brand is based on high quality and therefore projects that use this brand will be durable. The use of industrial sand is also based on the precision that comes with the final grade. If you look at concrete and asphalt gravels, it is possible to see that there is a world of difference in terms of the precision with which the product is prepared.

Large scale projects with industrial sand

It is well known that large scale industrial projects tend to use the sand in order to boost the strength of the building. It is also a cost saving measure because stronger materials such as clay would be too costly in the context. The base product for the industrial sand comes from a combination of oxygen and silicon. The chemical formula for this compound is written as SiO2. The silica will naturally occur in different shapes because the crystallization process is not controlled by external factors.

The process that is used by LVC Industries is to grade all the raw materials according to different sizes so that the buyers can make an informed selection when they come to start an order. Weathering has been known to create silica and plankton fossilization might also be responsible for the changes in the natural compounds so that you end up with industrial sand.

As an alternative some people have started using quartz. This occurrence normally extends to rocks and is quite high quality in terms of the purity of the content. Nonetheless the buyers that take this option should be prepared to pay above the average price. Mining operations are required to bring up the silica and then it is washed and graded according to its size. A purity of about 95% is preferred where the application is on an industrial basis.

The silica is quite hardy and durable. It has a very high melting point and is ideally suited for the elements of weather that are not particularly friendly. For example it must be able to withstand the dessert heat which is a benchmark of hostile conditions. The silica can be transparent and therefore might be use for the manufacture of glass products. It is a non-reactive substance that is invaluable in construction processes.

Construction and industrial sand

It is not possible to get away from the need for industrial sand in construction. It can be used for flooring compounds as well as the construction of mortars. Some builders prefer it as an ingredient when they are creating specialty cements. Stucco would not be a reality without this kind of material to support all the various pieces that are put together.