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LVC Industries manufactures and supplies Intermediate Bulk Containers for businesses in USA and Canada. Our containers are excellent for storage and transportation of chemicals in large quantities.

LVC Industries is your resource for the best IBC’s in the market. Our IBC’s provide you with top quality assurance. These have been tested by top industrial safety experts who have found them suitable for bulk handling and storage of chemicals.

Our IBCs are safe and highly reliable. These are used by some of the biggest names in chemical sector who swear by their quality and performance. These are appropriate for transportation of agrichemicals, industrial chemicals as well as solid materials such as foods, soaps and powders.

The IBCs are available in plastic, steel and stainless steel. These are durable and reusable. You can get these in various shapes and sizes.

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Providing various kind of Drum Spills & Chemical Storage. Feel free to Contact Us to get exact quote for your needs!