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Working in hazardous industrial conditions often puts your eyes at risk. Choosing the proper optic protection gear is crucial to the safety of your eyes. LVC Industries provides a wide range of eye protection equipments at affordable costs. Our mission is to ensure workplace safety with protective eyewear designed for any kind of industrial environment.

Our safety goggles and eyewear meet all industrial standards. These have been thoroughly tested and approved by industrial experts. The equipments we provide can safeguard the eyes from sharp objects as well as intense heat, toxic chemicals and other harmful substances. These can also protect eyes from infection or contamination due to prolonged working in toxic environment. These are appropriate for furnace workers, welders as well as those in the chemical industry.

Our lightweight eye protection equipments are comfortable, durable, functional as well as fashionable.

LVC Industries supplies eye safety products across USA and Canada. Contact us for product delivery or any product related enquiry.

Providing various kind of Eyewear & Goggles. Feel free to Contact Us to get exact quote for your needs!