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Industrial workers often have to work in polluted environments that can cause serious respiratory problems. LVC Industries distributes a wide range of respiratory protection equipments that are highly suitable for workers in chemical sector, construction sector, garages, museums or paint booths.

Toxic chemicals, dusts and harmful gases can affect the airways of a person and bring on serious breathing ailments. Our industrial respiratory equipments protect the wearer’s nose and mouth and filter the course of air so that the person breathes pure air. These are comfortable, durable and need minimum maintenance. These have been quality-tested by industry safety professionals.

We are committed to promoting industrial safety and providing quality respiratory safety equipment at affordable prices. Our respiratory protection gears include dust masks, respirator cartridges, face masks and particulate respirators.

LVC Industries provides respiratory protection equipments all over USA and Canada. Contact us for delivery of products to your place or for any product related information.

Providing various kind of Respirators. Feel free to Contact Us to get exact quote for your needs!