First Aid : Aims and Ways of Treatment

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First aid is basically the treatment which is given to the people who are being injured in an accident just before the doctors arrive to treat that victim. First Aid is used in every kind of the injuries and the injuries may be simple or may be severe. Any person can use the first aid in order to heal their wound. When there is the big accident then this temporary treatment is required until the professional doctors reached at the spot. There is no need of the doctors in case of the small injuries of the people because with the help of first aid the simple wound can be cured.

  • First Aid : it’s History
  • When you discuss the history of the first aid then there was the name of the famous knight named as Hospitaller, who is famous of giving the training to the people that, how to treat the injured people. During the 11th century, many people helped each other in different battles by treating their injuries with the help of first aid. The name first aid came after the great combination of the First treatment given by St.John Ambulance and national aid suggested by the famous knight Hospitaller. After that the first aid word or temporary treatment develops.

  • First Aid : Objective and purpose
  • The basic aims and objective of the first aid are that they are basically used to save the lives of the injured people and it is also used to keep away any kind of harm from the patient. It will heal the patient’s injury as soon as the first aid is provided to the patient. First aid plays a very important role in recovering of the patient wound.

  • First Aid : its ABC’s
  • The first prerequisite of the first aid is to know about the skills of it that how and when to use it. Some of the skills are very necessary to learn for the people if they want to help the injured people. The meaning of the ABC’s is A stands for Airway, B Stands for Breathing and C stands for Circulation. This is the same phenomenon which is also used by all the hospitals.
    If the person met with the accident then the first thing the attendant use the airway after that if there is the problem occurs related to breathing then he provide extra oxygen to the patient and at the last the attendant check the blood circulation of the patient by compressing the chest of the patient with their hands.


  • First Aid : Medication
  • In order to heal the wound or decrease the pain, patient will be provide with pain killer or something through which the patient can feel better and his pain will reduced. The patients should also give the oxygen so that they can breathe easily. The people who do not have severe injury can take breath very easily but those who met the severe accident unable to breathe properly.

  • First Aid : Condition and recovery
  • The people should give the training of the first aid so that they can easily deal with the patients who have different injuries like cuts, bone fracture etc and they should also know that how to treat the severe or major cases.


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